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Master Points

So what are WBF Master points, Placing Points, Senior Points, Year Points, On-Line Bridge Points? These are questions that I am often asked. The WBF[...]

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Accidents Happen

Roland Wald, BBO Commentator extraordinaire sent us this story: 'Accidents Happen' is a 2010 Australian coming of age comedy drama film directed by Andrew Lancaster and[...]

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2017 IMSA Elite Games

The Elite Games will be held from 9th – 15th December in Beijing.[...]

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Senior Age Regulations

The WBF Executive Council has decided to raise the age requirement for Senior players to 65 over the next 8 years in accordance with the[...]

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Gianarrigo Rona re-elected as WBF President

At today’s meeting of the WBF Executive Council, the President of the World Bridge Federation, Gianarrigo Rona was re-elected for a third four-year term. His[...]

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Questions and Answers

If you would like to send a question about any aspect of the championships[...]

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Robots battle in Lyon

The 21st World Computer Bridge Championship, hosted by the World Bridge Federation and supported by the American Contract Bridge League, will take place here in[...]

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Live Videos are coming…

We will have LIVE VIDEOs from these Championships starting today! Stay tuned…[...]

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