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Early Test

Early Test

By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 29th September 2018

The three sets of finalists did not have long to wait before encountering their first significant deal:

We start with the women:

If West does not raise, North will have her full arsenal of bids available, perhaps starting with a transfer to clubs before showing her hearts. Whatever the meaning of 2NT, NS did not look beyond game.

Should North have made an effort over 4Cuori? Its asking a lot, as South needs very specific cards for a slam to be good.

The Seniors could do no better, Garner jumping to 4Cuori after Lair had doubled Shen’s opening bid of 1Picche and Shen had raised to 2Picche, while. Tao overcalled Lall’s 1Picche with 1NT and then bid 4Cuori when Lin doubles Milner’s 2Picche.

What could the Rosenblum finalists do?

Declarer won the diamond lead with the ace, cashed the PiccheA, ruffed a spade and ran the CuoriQ, soon claiming all the tricks, +1460. Could Lavazza match that?

Declarer did not go flat out,+680 so 13 IMPs to Zimmermann.

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