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Almost Perfect

Going into the last session of the Mixed Pairs, Frank Multon and Sylvie Willard held a commanding lead. The first two deals set the tone[...]

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Potent Deals

The last set of the Mixed teams was action packed. With three deals remaining Manfield led 109-81. Wilson must have suspected they were behind and[...]

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Dramatic Double

When two partnerships chasing the title met in the Mixed Pairs final they encountered these dramatic deals: When East led the 5 declarer ended up[...]

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Early Doors

There is no consensus about the origin of this quintessential English expression, but it is generally attributed to the football manager Ron Atkinson, who used[...]

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For Want of a King

I suspect everyone is familiar with the proverb, ‘For want of a nail’. It might have been applied to this deal from the last session[...]

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Theory and Practice

A contract may be beatable in theory, but in practical play it can prove to be difficult, especially when everything turns on the opening lead.[...]

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Broken Hearted

Is this a suitable title for a deal from the first session of the round of 16 in the Mixed teams? I’ll leave you to[...]

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In short matches you might survive one heavy loss, but overcoming tow of them is not so easy – especially if they occur in rapid[...]

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And the Winner Is….

Kit Woolsey’s first book for some time, The Language of Bridge has been named Book of the Year by the IBPA. That was reason enough[...]

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