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43rd World Bridge Teams Championships: the Winners

The 43rd World Bridge Team Championships and the 11th FunBridge World Transnational Open Teams ended tonight. [...]

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IOC and GAISF Officials visit Lyon 2017

On Friday 25th, at La Cité Internationale de Lyon, venue to the 43rd World Bridge Championships, we had the pleasure to receive the visit of[...]

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For Whom the Bell Tolls

Playing in the semi-finals of a world championship takes its toll.[...]

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Quack, Quack, Quack

Yesterday afternoon I was served a board by Tommy Gullberg the NPC of the Swedish Senior Team coming from Sweden’s semifinal match against USA II[...]

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Lose One and Win Two

In one of the senior quarter-finals of the d’Orsi Trophy in Lyon, Australia played Sweden and this astonishing board was played in the middle of[...]

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Odd Man In

In the Seniors, two went down quickly on the hearts3 lead, –100 and –200 and one slowly, –100, on the clubsJ lead. In the Women’s[...]

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Master Points

So what are WBF Master points, Placing Points, Senior Points, Year Points, On-Line Bridge Points? These are questions that I am often asked. The WBF[...]

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Accidents Happen

Roland Wald, BBO Commentator extraordinaire sent us this story: 'Accidents Happen' is a 2010 Australian coming of age comedy drama film directed by Andrew Lancaster and[...]

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2017 IMSA Elite Games

The Elite Games will be held from 9th – 15th December in Beijing.[...]

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