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By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 28th September 2018

The second session of the Rosenblum semifinals (the last for the Women & Seniors) delivered a plethora of potential slam deals:

I am pretty sure that after a positive response relays were in operation. the lack of entries to the South hand complicate matters, but the diamond position is such that declarer cannot go down. West cashed the FioriA and switched to the Picche5,declarer winning with dummy’s king, unblocking the CuoriA, playing a spade to the ace, pitching a club on the CuoriK, ruffing a club and advancing the QuadriQ, +1430.

So, 13 IMPs to Woolfson in a desperately close match.

Naturally declarer took all the tricks.

Naturally declarer took all the tricks – and 13 IMPs.

An exchange of cue bids and some RKCB saw EW alight in 6Quadri.
South led the Quadri4 and declarer won with the ace, crossed to the QuadriK and played a club to the ten, +1370.

North led the Fiori7 and declarer put up dummy’s ten, so +690 and 12 IMPs to Aperol, keeping them in the match.

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