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16th World Bridge Series

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Triumph & Tragedy

the last deal of the McConnell semifinal between Tripolar and Edmonds[...]

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Zero Tolerance for Inappropriate behaviour at the table

The WBF has no tolerance for abusive, bullying, harassing and similar behaviour[...]

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Three Deals that shook the World

The final session featured three dramatic deals[...]

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Without Finesse

This deal from the penultimate round of the McConnell qualifier was not without interest: The first question to be addressed is what should South lead?[...]

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Hamlet’s Conundrum

One of the most difficult things to decide is whether to enter the auction after both opponent’s have bid. Look at this East hand from[...]

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World Bridge Series 2022 – Bulletin #03

The pdf Bulletin #3 is ready! You can download it at: by clicking here[...]

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