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44th World Bridge Teams Championships

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The Winners

The 44th World Team Championships and the[...]

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Family Dinner in Wuhan

This time D-day (Dinner Day!) arrived yesterday night[...]

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BBO Matches – Saturday 28th

Plan in advance! Check the schedule of the BBO matches for Saturday, Sept. 28th[...]

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WBF Press Conference

The traditional WBF Press conference was held on Friday morning at the venue[...]

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BBO Schedule – Friday 27th

Plan in advance! Check the BBO schedule for Friday, Sept. 27th[...]

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The Wonder of Wuhan

Bulletin number 9 of the 2019 World Bridge Championships...[...]

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Dream Team

Everyone knows that Jeff Meckstroth & Eric Rodwell...[...]

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Third Hand Low

Everyone has known about the principle of playing 'third hand high' for a defender[...]

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BBO Matches – Thursday 26th

Plan in advance! Check the BBO schedule for Thursday Sept. 26[...]

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