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46th World Bridge Teams Championships

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An Honourable Push

Both sides performed well on the final deal of the fourth session in the Bermuda Bowl Final[...]

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Sweet Sixteen

Norway was enjoying an excellent fourth session when along came:[...]

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The Italian Stallion

Despite being in the middle of a battle for the bronze medals in the Bermuda Bowl, Zia found the time to report a deal [...]

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Thought and Choice in Bridge

How does one decide upon the best way to bid a particular hand?[...]

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No Duck no Dinner

The opening deal of the second session of the Bermuda Bowl suggested that...[...]

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Sacrificial Defence

I liked this deal from the exciting first session of the Bermuda Bowl [...]

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Norway Break Italian Hearts

Norway went into the last session of their semifinal against Italy trailing 149-163[...]

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What a brilliant piece of play![...]

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