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Thrust and Parry

Thrust and Parry

By In 46th World Bridge Teams Championships On 28th August 2023

This deal from Round 20 might easily be overlooked:

When partner opens 1Quadri you respond 1NT and then bid 3Fiori over partner’s 2Quadri. When partner raises to 4Fiori you decide, despite the void in partner’s suit to go on to game.
North leads the Fiori2 and this is what you can see:

That’s a very annoying lead, as after anything else you would have been able to pitch a spade on the QuadriA and give up a heart, intending to ruff two hearts in dummy. When you play dummy’s Fiori6 South covers with the FioriQ. That’s another blow on the same trick, as otherwise you could have played to establish dummy’s diamonds, perhaps even emerging with an overtrick. Having taken the trick with the FioriA do you see any chance?
Chile’s Marcelo countered the tremendous opening lead found by Switzerland’s Michal Nowosadzki by continuing with the CuoriQ! It was brilliant example of avoidance play, hoping that an opponent would hold the CuoriAK but not the missing trump.
This was the layout:

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Mark Horton

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