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Saving the best till Last

Saving the best till Last

By In 46th World Bridge Teams Championships On 28th August 2023

This deal from the fist session of the quarterfinals was a tough test for EW.

It was tempting for South, despite the vulnerability, to bid 5Cuori, but re-advertising the massive fit persuaded East that playing with what was effectively a 30 point pack his side might have a slam. Rather than settle for a direct 6Picche he went via a route that allowed his partner a say in the matter and was delighted to pass when 6Fiori came back to him.
North led the Quadri2 and declarer won with the Quadri10, drew trumps, cashed dummy’s PiccheK and then ran the PiccheJ, claiming all the tricks when it held, +940.
In the other room EW stopped in 5Picche – just as well, as North led the CuoriA forcing dummy to ruff after which the defenders were sure to take two tricks. Even so it meant 10 IMPs for Norway.
Two other teams reached 6Fiori, USA2 in the Wuhan Cup and Italy in the Bermuda Bowl, although the auction developed in such a way that East was able to introduce the club suit:

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Mark Horton
Mark Horton

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