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Important Info for the Transnational Teams

Important Info for the Transnational Teams

By In 44th World Bridge Teams Championships On 23rd September 2019

Minimum play requirements for Masterpoint awards

Notwithstanding anything that may appear elsewhere the following shall apply:

a) In the Round of 32, 16 and 8 combined: At least one third of the boards played by the team.
b) In the Semi-final: At least one of the two sessions.
c) In the Final: At least one of the three sessions.

Carry-over for teams dropping in to the third day of Swiss Qualifying

Notwithstanding what is stated in § 8.2.3.iii of the Supplemental Conditions of Contest the following shall apply:

The teams will receive the same no. of VPs as the team in 32nd position after round 10, but will not face each other in round 11.

The Championship’s Committee

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