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Wrong Numbers

Wrong Numbers

By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 2nd October 2018

Many years ago I saw a hand where declarer made a slam by ruffing a loser, at the same time executing a squeeze. That doesn’t happen too often, but take a look at this deal from round 6 of the Mixed teams:

Imagine you are in 6Picche – probably doubled – and South starts with two top clubs?
Of course you will immediately see that now you can play to ruff all dummy’s losing clubs, playing a spade to the king and then cross ruffing. (Nadia Bekkouche was one declarer to do this, but she was only in 4Picche doubled.) But suppose you drop your guard for moment and after ruffing the second club draw trumps? All is not lost; you can continue with three rounds of diamonds to reach this position:

When you ruff the third diamond South has to discard in front of dummy. Whichever suit he throws you can establish a long card as the slam going trick.

Well done the 7 pairs who bid and made 6Picche for +980. However, that was small change when compared to some of the scores that were floating around – there were 5 -1100’s from 5Cuori doubled, 2 +1280’s for 4Picche redoubled +2, 7 -1400’s,2 -1700’s and 2 -2000’s from various 5 level contracts.

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