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Variations on a Level

Variations on a Level

By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 28th September 2018

Everyone is familiar with the expression ‘The five-level belongs to the opponents’ the BOLS bridge tip of Ed Manfield (frequently wrongly attributed). Can anyone come up with something similar for the six-level?
This deal is from the third session of the semi-finals:

When South led the Cuori6 declarer could establish dummy’s clubs and get rid of two spades, +1540.

The phantom delivered 14 IMPs.

In the Rosenblum 6Quadri doubled was played four times – everyone recording +1540.
It happened only once in the Women and Seniors.
6Quadri undoubled was reached several times – and always made.

Should the advice be ‘always save at the six-level’.

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