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Trump Management

Trump Management

By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 27th September 2018

One of the many things declarer has to decide on any given hand is whether or not to draw trumps. This deal from the second session of the Rosenblum round of 16 posed just such a question:

North led the CuoriJ and declarer won with the ace and cashed dummy’s top trumps. When South pitched a heart on the second round declarer played the six of clubs to his seven and North’s queen. Back came the Quadri2 and declarer won in hand and exited with a heart. North won with the ten and returned the QuadriQ. Declarer won in dummy and ran the FioriJ, but North ruffed and exited with the PiccheJ. Locked in hand declarer had to surrender a club at the end for one down.
Instead of exiting with a heart, declarer could have cashed the PiccheQ and then exited with a spade. The defenders can cash a heart, but declarer will take the rest.

Declarer won the heart lead, played three rounds of spades ending in dummy and ran the FioriJ. North won, cashed the PiccheJ and exited with a heart. South won but declarer had the rest and 12 IMPs.

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