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The Wild Bunch

The Wild Bunch

By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 26th September 2018

News that Mel Gibson is to direct a remake of the classic Western instantly sprang to mind when this deal surfaced during the second session of the Roseblum round of 16.
No doubt someone will recognise a gap in the market and write a best-seller – ‘How to deal with two Voids’.

Declarer ruffed the heart lead and took the losing diamond finesse. He ruffed the spade return and ran the FioriQ, +950.

That meant 8 IMPs to Zimmermann.

There were swings all over the place. Robinson played in 4Cuori doubled scoring an overtrick and collecting 11 IMPs – Chagas was two down in 6Cuori in the replay.
Sadek never bid with the West hand (!) and Nickell stopped in and made 3Picche, while Strul saved over Rodwell’s 5Fiori in the other room, holding the loss to 6 IMPs.
Padon went down in 6Fiori doubled – he followed the Rabbi’s rule and played for the FioriK to be singleton, losing 7 IMPs as his teammates were one down in 6Cuori doubled.
Baldysz was another who did not bid with West’s cards – he lost 10 IMPs defending 4Cuori when they were down in 5Cuori in the Closed Room. Lavazza & Pszczola achieved an honourable draw, both sides saving over 6Fiori in 6Cuori.

Here are the auctions:

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