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Testing Times

Testing Times

By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 1st October 2018

Almost from the start the players in the Mixed teams had problems to solve:

Do you agree with North’s rebid? As the cards lie 3NT is unbeatable, but if West finds a diamond lead 4Picche should fail. West went with the CuoriA – her partner had a red king – but it was the wrong shape! Declarer was in control and emerged with eleven tricks.

Kudos to the four West’s who found the diamond lead that defeated 4Picche.

3NT was in no danger and declarer took ten tricks.

3NT was a huge favourite – only 17 of the 106 pairs preferred the spade game.

North cashed the CuoriA and switched to a club. Declarer won with dummy’s ace, took the top spades pitching a club and cross-ruffed clubs and hearts.

North led the CuoriA and continued with the Cuori5. Declarer ruffed in dummy, cashed theFioriA and then cross-ruffed in clubs and hearts. She cashed the PiccheA and had only to pitch the CuoriQ on the PiccheK to get home. Instead she ruffed a spade to hand and cashed the QuadriA; North’s discard was a bitter pill to swallow, not least because it cost 16 IMPs.
The chances of a 4-0 diamond split are 4.783%, while a 5-1 spade break is 1.211

19 pairs reached 6Quadri – but three declarers failed to get home.

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