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By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 5th October 2018

In short matches you might survive one heavy loss, but overcoming tow of them is not so easy – especially if they occur in rapid succession. This pair are from the first half of the Mixed teams round of 32:

Notice Zia’s 6Quadri, just in case the opponents carried on bidding. East led the CuoriA and continued with the queen for West to ruff.

East led the Fiori7 and declarer ruffed, cashed the PiccheA and then played three rounds of diamonds, ruffing and claiming when they broke, +1210 and a 15 IMP pick up.

+1210 was recorded 10 times, one pair having the pleasure of comparing it with the +1540 for making 6Fiori doubled – a handy 21 IMP swing.

North led the PiccheJ and declarer won, cashed the CuoriA, crossed to dummy with the PiccheQ, ruffed a heart, drew the outstanding trump and claimed.

7 of the 32 pairs bid the grand slam – it was worth 13 IMPs five times.

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