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Red or Black

Red or Black

By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 25th September 2018

In the mid ’90 Volkswagon ran a series of articles on TV. One of them included a scene where a man was leaving a casino to a voice over along the lines of ‘this is the man who bet on red and it came up black’.
It was this deal from the final session of the Roseblum round of 64 that brought it to mind:

As you can see, the fate of 6Picche depends on West’s choice of lead.
A red card loses and a black card wins.
6Picche was reached at.24. tables.

How many times do you think it made?
How many times was it defeated?

Are you going to bet on Red or Black?

While you are thinking about it you might enjoy this real life story:

Okay, the answer to my question:

6Picche was made 7 times and defeated 17 times – the smart money was on Black.

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