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Potent Deals

Potent Deals

By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 7th October 2018

The last set of the Mixed teams was action packed. With three deals remaining Manfield led 109-81. Wilson must have suspected they were behind and both pairs were pushing hard.

On Board 26 both teams reached 6Fiori with PiccheKQ3 CuoriKJ10964 QuadriJ64 FioriJ opposite PiccheA87 CuoriA QuadriA83 FioriAK10762, but West held Picche106 CuoriQ53 Quadri10972 FioriQ853 and the essential diamond lead was found at both tables – one down and no swing.

On 27 North-South’s combined holding was Picche965 Cuori10732 QuadriKJ862 Fiori2 facing PiccheAQ1083 CuoriA9 QuadriA FioriAK864. Chip Martel made an interesting observation on BBO. After 2Fiori*-2Quadri*-2PiccheNorth jumped to 4Fiori,a splinter in support of spades. Chip pointed out that it is possible to use 3NT to show an unspecified splinter with three-card support ,so that a jump to the four-level always has four card support.
On a good day clubs will behave and East will hold a doubleton spade king, but this time West held PiccheK42 CuoriKQ4 QuadriQ7 FioriQJ1093 and the 6Picche reached in the Closed Room was hopeless, so Manfield collected 11 IMPs by stopping in game.

6Fiori was unbeatable.

When the opponents overcall your Roman Keycard ask, you can use double to show 0/3/5 keycards, with Pass promising 1/4 and the next two cheapest suits to show 2 keycards, the higher also promising the trump queen.
6Quadri was a great save, and although declarer lost two trump tricks, one via a ruff, the other by failing to drop the then singleton king, it was still a great way to finish for the new World Mixed Team Champions.

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