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Out of the Frying Pan…..

Out of the Frying Pan…..

By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 24th September 2018

In Round 9 of the Rosenblum, not for the first time in the history of bridge, the board carrying the number 13 was a dramatic one:

When South innocently doubled 2Fiori West redoubled to offer it as a place to play. 2Fiori redoubled is likely to make (declarer would have to be a little careless to go down) for +760 – hardly a disaster – but North’s decision to bid broke Burn’s Law of Total Trumps and turned a pinprick into a major wound.

East led the QuadriA and switched to the Fiori10, declarer winning with dummy’s ace and playing a diamond. East won and switched to the Picche3, West winning with the queen and returning the FioriJ. East ruffed and played the Picche8, West winning and playing the CuoriJ. When it held he cashed the PiccheA and continued with the six, East ruffing.
If East now plays a diamond the defenders will score three more trump tricks on a high cross ruff for six down and 1700,but when East played the CuoriK declarer was given a thrid trick, -1400.

In the replay EW bid 1Quadri*-2Fiori*-2NT-3Picche-3NT for +660.

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