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By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 25th September 2018

At the start of the round of 32 in the Rosenblum this deal caused swings all over the place:

More than one pair attempted 7NT, but with clubs misbehaving and the diamond king offside the contact had to go down and the teams that picked up 14 IMPs included Nickell & Lavazza.
Some pairs missed a slam – and that usually cost them 11 IMPs.

Here is the auction from Nickell v Mahaffey:

6Quadri was clearly a grand slam try. Should East have respected West’s decision to do no more than bid 6NT? It seems quite tough to me, as by going past 6Cuori West was presumably showing some extras and there were many ways in which there could be 13 tricks.
What do you think?

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