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Many a Slip

Many a Slip

By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 24th September 2018

In the second session of the Rosenblum round of 64 the trailing teams must have been happy to see this type of deal appear at an early stage:

6Quadri is clearly a good contract – but it is not quite a laydown.

East led the PiccheK and declarer won with the ace, cashed two trumps and played two hearts pitching dummy’s spades. East ruffed and returned the PiccheQ and declarer ruffed and passed the FioriJ, +400.

East led the PiccheK and declarer won and cashed the QuadriK. When the jack appeared one option he must have considered was to play three rounds of clubs, ruffing, then take the top heart to pitch a spade, the line followed by Tony Forrester (amongst others) in another match. In fact he played a second diamond to the ace, and then cashed the hearts, pitching a spade. When East ruffed it appeared that declarer would have to find the FioriQ, but East exited with a club and declarer claimed, +920 and 11 IMPs.

Those who missed the line of ruffing a club did not always make 6Quadri. You can squeeze West in hearts and clubs, but there is no particular reason to do that and some played East for the FioriQ and went down.

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