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For Want of a King

For Want of a King

By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 6th October 2018

I suspect everyone is familiar with the proverb, ‘For want of a nail’.
It might have been applied to this deal from the last session of the semifinals of the Mixed teams:

Ferm had made a good start to the session, picking up 18 IMPs bringing the score to 73-104.

4Picche was in no danger and declarer took eleven tricks.

North led the Cuori4 and declarer won in hand, ruffed a diamond, cashed the PiccheA and continued with the nine, South winning with the king and exiting with the QuadriJ. Declarer won with the ace, drew the outstanding trump and played the Fiori8.
He knew South had started with the PiccheK10, the Cuori]9 (and almost certainly a second heart) and QuadriKJ9743. Who had the FioriK? The odds surely favoured it being with man who had overcalled and declarer went up with dummy’s ace and ran the queen.
That represented a swing of 22 IMPs and a huge loss of momentum.
For want of a King, the battle was lost.

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