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Fine Margins

Fine Margins

By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 30th September 2018

Matchpoints is a very tough game – every trick counts and both declarer play and defence have to be spot on. The slightest mistake can turn a great result into a catastrophe. Here is a perfecto from the second session of the Open Pairs Final:

North led the CuoriK and declarer won with the ace and cashed the QuadriK. When the ten fell his best option would have been to draw trumps and play spades when he should emerge with eight tricks and a fine score (7/43). Seeing no immediate danger he played a heart at trick three and North took the queen and switched to the Picche7. South won and returned the spade nine, North ruffing and cashing the FioriK. When South encouraged with the three, North continued with the Fiori9 and South won with the queen and gave his partner a second ruff for two down, +300 and a complete top, 50/0.

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