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Broken Hearted

Broken Hearted

By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 5th October 2018

Is this a suitable title for a deal from the first session of the round of 16 in the Mixed teams? I’ll leave you to decide, but it does at least involve the heart suit.

When West decided against a two-suited overcall, the hearts were lost.
3Quadri was comfortable, declarer losing a spade, a heart and a diamond.

North led the Quadri2 and South won with the ace and switched to the Cuori8. Declarer won in dummy and ran the Picche7, North winning with the eight and continuing with the ace then queen of clubs. Declarer ruffed and ran the PiccheK, claiming when it held – a useful 11 IMP swing.

This is from one of the other matches:

South led a club and North won with the ace and switched to a trump, declarer winning with the ace and playing a spade to the king and ace. North exited with a trump and declarer won in dummy and played a diamond to the king and ace. He won the diamond return and cross-ruffed the back suits, setting up the PiccheJ as a tenth trick along the way.

At this table South’s initial pass gave him the chance to show a two-suiter and North judged well to bid on to 5Quadri.
East led the QuadriK and declarer won and returned the ten, East taking the queen and fatally exiting with a spade, which allowed declarer to take West’s jack with the ace, unblock the clubs, cross to dummy with a diamond, pitch two hearts on clubs and then play a spade, establishing the ten as an eleventh trick for a 15 IMP swing.

Six pairs made 4Cuori, two of them doubled, while four pairs bid 5Quadri – Liao being the only one to make it.

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