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As Rare as a Hen’s Tooth

As Rare as a Hen’s Tooth

By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 22nd September 2018

The presenter of the BBC’s long-running antique show, Tim Wannacott is fond of using the phrase, ‘as rare as a hen’s tooth’ which is generally associated with something that is almost non-existent. Like a paying vulnerable sacrifice against a non-vulnerable game.
Perhaps in Orlando they are more commonplace, as in the Round 2 match between Preddy & Connector:

When West led the ]K, declarer could win and draw trumps for just one down.

When West showed a good hand for his overcall by doubling East was able to get his minors into the picture. If anyone had bid 5Picche West would almost certainly have led the QuadriK and scored a ruff for +500.

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