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Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect

By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 7th October 2018

Going into the last session of the Mixed Pairs, Frank Multon and Sylvie Willard held a commanding lead. The first two deals set the tone for their session:

West’s double surely suggest that he has a good holding in hearts, and if East starts with two rounds of hearts West will win and switch to a diamond, after which declarer should be held to eight tricks.
When East led the Quadri3 declarer had been gifted a tempo and he could win with dummy’s jack, cross to hand with a club and take the spade finesse,+550 and a maximum, 24/0.

North led the Quadri7 for the nine, ten and queen and declarer played the CuoriK, North following with the jack as South took the ace and returned the Quadri6 for the king and ace. North cashed his diamonds (being careful to show values in clubs by taking the eight before the jack) and exited with a heart. That meant three down, -150 and 22/2.

In the first seven of the nine rounds the leaders did not record a single deal below 50% and averaged 70.53%, taking the title by the massive margin of 5.67%.

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