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Action Stations

Action Stations

By In 15th World Bridge Series, Articles On 27th September 2018

This deal from the first session of the Rosenblum quarter-finals produced all sorts of scores.

That was a very simple +690.

That was 12 IMPs.

In contrast, in the match between Milner and Silverman, Lair’s 3Picche got past West and Garner’s raise to 4Picche stole the pot. At the other table Shenkin’s 3Picche was passed out!

In the match between Spector and Struhl Spector bid 3NT over his partner’s double of 3Picche for +690. In the replay North raised 3Picche to 4Picche and West reopened with a double that was passed out. That looks like an easy +1100, but the defenders failed to find the trump promotion so only 3 IMPs changed hands. Helgemo’s 3Picche was passed out, worth 10 IMPs when Padhye opened 4Picche at the other table and Klukowski doubled and the bid 5Fiori over Gawrys’s 4NT for +620.
In Chagas v Lavazzza an IMP changed hands for a no-trump overtrick.

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