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Accidents Happen

Accidents Happen

By In 43rd World Bridge Teams Championships On 21st August 2017

Roland Wald, BBO Commentator extraordinaire sent us this story:

‘Accidents Happen’ is a 2010 Australian coming of age comedy drama film directed by Andrew Lancaster and starring Geena Davis, Harrison Gilbertson, Sebastian Gregory, Harry Cook, Joel Tobeck and Sarah Woods. Accidents also happen at the bridge table, even for the world’s best players.

The average club player would be delighted to get to 6spades or 6diamonds on the deal above, but many would stop in game. The same club players, however, will be relieved to see how things can go horribly wrong for much better players than themselves.

One pair had a serious system accident when they stopped in 5hearts … yes, 5 HEARTS. That contract went four down vulnerable and cost the team 18 IMPs when the opponents at the other table bid to 6diamonds for 1370.

Another reached the dizzy heights of 7NT – that cost 1100 when North was uncharitable enough to double and the swing was 20 IMPs when they bid 6diamonds at the other table.

There may still be some hope for all of us …

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