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Man of Many Parts

Man of Many Parts

By In 44th World Bridge Teams Championships On 19th September 2019

Fernando Lema, driving force behind the WBF Youth pages (www.youth.worldbridge.org) is a busy man. Thanks to him, we now have the first ever ranking list:

It is also possible to collect Youth participation certificates at:

You can also look at deals played in these Championships:

Meanwhile, apart from organising an endless series of interviews etc he somehow finds time to seek out interesting deals, like this one from the seventh round of the Venice Cup:

In the Open Room, Japan recorded +120.

East led the CuoriJ and when it held she continued with the four, West winning with the king and playing the ace, ruffed and overruffed. A low club saw West win with the queen, return a club to the ace and ruff the third round of the suit. A heart was ruffed and overruffed and the defenders still had two trump tricks to come for +800.


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Mark Horton
Mark Horton

Mark Horton British journalist and expert player, was Editor of Bridge Magazine 1995-2017 and now edits the online publication Bridgerama+. At one time, his business cards were inscribed: Have Cards will Travel, but following the death of his most famous sponsor, the Rabbi Leonard Helman, he has tended to concentrate on his writing exploits (in 2018 he had five books published!). Anyone wanting to discover how to lose at bridge on a regular basis (and pay for the privilege) should feel free to contact him. He currently lives in Shrewsbury with his wife Liz.