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Championship Diary (5)

Championship Diary (5)

By In 43rd World Bridge Teams Championships On 17th August 2017

From time to time we discuss convention cards – and unfortunately some of them are somewhat devoid of information. When Micke Melander announced ‘This is the sort of card that could give P.O. a heart attack’, Tacchi interjected, ‘Quick, find him’.
During one of Wednesday’s Bermuda Bowl matches one of the players was handed a note by his screen-mate which read: ‘My partner can be very slow’. A prize if you can guess who wrote the message.
One of our reporters set out to cover a match from Round 12. Unfortunately the deals were so dull he fell asleep.
Tacchi was doing the rounds yesterday when he was approached by a lady who asked him what his job was. When he explained that he took photographs for two Bulletins, wrote articles, attends meetings, etc she immediately exclaimed – ‘That’s ridiculous, you’re a man – you can’t multitask. Obviously a woman should be doing your job’.
As space is limited I cannot describe the following incident in detail (for that you must ask one of the young ladies at the Hospitality desk) but basically it concerns a player who spent a night in Paris before travelling to Lyon on the TGV. He left a jacket on the train, but it was found by a lady on her way to Nice who had been sitting in the carriage. She had noticed the man was reading a bridge book and after series of twists and turns that would have done credit to a Sherlock Holmes story the jacket and its owner were eventually reunited. The moral of the story is clear – always read a bridge book while travelling.

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Mark Horton
Mark Horton

Mark Horton British journalist and expert player, was Editor of Bridge Magazine 1995-2017 and now edits the online publication Bridgerama+. At one time, his business cards were inscribed: Have Cards will Travel, but following the death of his most famous sponsor, the Rabbi Leonard Helman, he has tended to concentrate on his writing exploits (in 2018 he had five books published!). Anyone wanting to discover how to lose at bridge on a regular basis (and pay for the privilege) should feel free to contact him. He currently lives in Shrewsbury with his wife Liz.